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Treaty Reinsurance

As a specialist reinsurance broker, we provide services to insurers that encompass the risk management of insurance portfolios and the appropriate risk transfer to the reinsurance market. This is achieved through the provision of Treaty reinsurance arrangements ranging from proportional reinsurance agreements, quota share and surplus, to non-proportional reinsurance agreements, working excess of loss and catastrophe excess of loss for our clients meeting their needs for capacity and security and bringing them into a relationship with reinsurers.

Facultative Reinsurance

Whilst Treaty reinsurance has many advantages because of its automatic nature and streamlined administration there are many insurance risks that cannot be placed into them. This is usually found when the original risk is very large or complex such as major infrastructure projects or complex liability risks where the reinsurance cover needed cannot be provided by Treaty reinsurers.

To meet these requirements from insurers we provide them with access to the facultative reinsurance market, often obtaining reinsurers terms and conditions for the direct insurers to quote to their clients. Facultative reinsurance is placed by us on a case by case basis in the main international reinsurance markets.

Total Service

The total service part of our business includes the consultancy activities we undertake to develop new products for our clients often focusing on major distribution channels.

We have provided product innovation for a large number of insurers in Thailand ranging from motor car and motorcycle insurance to extended warranty, travel insurance products, cyber security insurance, medical malpractice and director & officer liability insurance.

We also specialise in digital partnership that cover a whole range of insurance products to meet the needs of the 21st century consumers.